Saturday, August 16, 2014

Losing that Loving Feeling?

Jenny Oh writes here about here her DNF randonneuring experience and gets to the heart of some of the difficulties we encounter as we build our mileage, ride long distances and deal with limitations.  The ride report is worth reading as well. (Plattyjo does a great job on her web pages, BTW!)

After piling on the miles and leading the CTS and CTS Rides Again jaunts, the summer is waning.   We experienced the first significant rainfall in a while, and not just a result of taking off the fenders. Some oral surgery hurt more than expected, and coupled with the awfulness of the news and current events, and I'm feeling my six decades in my gums, teeth and even spirit.

I wish I was doing the RSVP this weekend to clear it up and stretch it out.   The mileage was there, the prep was there, riding partners were going, but scheduling, logistics, etc were in the way.    Next year, the CBC Major Events go back on the calendar and we make room for 'em.

For now, maybe it's just time to just ride through it and change the narrative.  Or, as Coffeeneur says, use the cycling as an escape.

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