Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coffeeneuring #4

Chilly morning, and I made the mistake of not wearing the long johns or the full fingered gloves, so by the time I put in the miles to Marymoor Park I was cold to the core.   But, a double short latte at the Dog Park Espresso ("Creative Coffee Concepts") provided sufficient warmth and calories to continue. Rode the new cycle track on the West Lake Sammamish Parkway, up over Newport Way, across Mercer Island, and then down into Leschi.

Stopped at the Starbucks in Leschi, a frequent and well-used venue by many who ride the Lake Washington Loop and used my free rewards to reward myself with a double mocha for the jaunt back up through the Arboretum and then on home.   49. 6 miles today.

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