Monday, November 11, 2013

Coffeeneuring #7

Coffeeneuring #7 took me to Tully's Alki Point in West Seattle for a 2x latte in a pleasant orange cup and a piece of their banana walnut bread.  I chose this destination as it is a meeting point for many a Cascade Bike Club ride, and for the contrasts apparent in riding out there in November as opposed to summer months.  During the warm and bright seasons, Alki is full of walkers, riders, skateboarders, beach goers, cruisers, hog riders and tourists.  But, now we are into full and deep autumn, there's little traffic with all the grey and the cold, wet breeze blowing from the north.

Two weeks off the bike, due to a significant family event away from the area, work commitments and the annual onslaught of the worst weather of the year, and I felt the effects of the layoff in my legs and back.   Plus the days are getting shorter, and my lights took effect as I made it home in the dark.    

40 miles or so, but satisfaction gained from completing the challenge and being a part of something larger than myself.

To recap then -

  • 7 coffeeneuring rambles completed.  All took place in King County, Washington, USA, North America, Planet Earth.  All but one were entirely within the Seattle City Limits.
  • All of said 7 rides involved obtaining and consuming hot caffeinated beverages and accompanying carbohydrates, baked goods usually with chocolate.
  • 5 of the rides were accomplished using the trusty Bleriot, pictured above.   On the first 2, I rode the Lemond Alpe d'Huez.
  • Best latte was served by Caffe Ladro.
  • Best goodie was purchased at consumed at Zoka.
  • About 250 miles ridden in pursuit of the coffeeneuring dream.
  • Photo documentation is here.
Lessons learned - 
  • Coffee and cycling complement each other well.
  • Many other great people across the planet have noticed this natural connection and share their special understanding using modern tools.
  • Coffeeneuring is what we do, not a special event limited to the autumn.

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