Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coffeeneuring #5

Coffeeneuring #5 started out well.   Cool, foggy, damp, wet pavement, this is cycling in Seattle in autumn.  First wrinkle was encountering the Dawg Dash 10K on the BGT at 25th, suggesting a detour through the Husky Stadium parking lot and crossing the Montlake Bridge. Climbed up Interlaken, crossed I-5, turned on Boylston Ave., and when accelerating after a stop, I broke my chain!   That necessitated an emergency reroute on foot back to Montlake Bike Shop, where repairs were quickly made.

Back on the road, and the next stop was at Caffe Ladro for a double latte and a slice of pumpkin bread. Delicious and a real spot-hitter.

From Downtown Seattle, headed through Seattle Center and over to the trail along Elliott Bay, and out to the Locks, now open after 16 days of being held hostage.   Herons are nesting in the trees, and Lake Washington is being drawn down for winter.  After crossing the canal, looped back home via the BGT.

29 miles, not including the walk back for repairs.


anniebikes said...

What is the brand of your bag in the photo? I love the fabric.

Andy said...

It's an Acorn Bag.

They make 'em in small batches and you have to get on their mailing list for an alert, plus be quick to order when they are available. But, the handlebar bag works great for me, with two pockets for camera, phone, goodies, plus plenty of room upfront for more of the stuff I lug around.

Another manufacture I like is Swift Industries....

I'm saving up for a Zeitgeist saddle bag.