Sunday, July 22, 2007


One week after STP, and I've recovered. Haven't ridden the bike since then, and starting to get antsy. Today was going to be the "Touch Public Art in Seattle" ride with Claudia, but Seattle is staring down the firehose of a summertime Pineapple Express and none of us want to ride in the rain.

Check out the photos....

Lots of projects seem to be building up, with three more classes to go with the Seattle U MBAs this summer, having finished midterms and now two more lectures and then finals. The Jackson, Mississippi workshop on August 20 is looming, but I found some great resources at the HMCO FA site and am looking forward to this trip. Throw the other curriculum development project from HMCO on top of this, plus four weeks to go at EdCC summer session, and I'm a busy fella.

Max, Nolan and Max Holmberg played jazz at Zoka last night. They sounded good, albeit heavy on the drums and a little disorganized, but they all had smiles on their faces and cleared a few bucks. They'll be back!

And, Zach skyped us from China last night as well. He climbed a mountain with Kathy to see the sunrise, was up for 25 hours, and added one more adventure to what clearly is an amazing experience for this young man!

Wms Family is building buzz about a camping trip to Rock Creek and Tom's Place in the Eastern Sierras next year! Sure would be a fun trip to be in the presence of the ghost of Uncle Don's Cabin!