Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Safety First

So, today was Car Free Day. Since I had an errand to run downtown, I hopped on the bike and headed out. On my short trip I saw….

A driver texting on his phone while attempting to drive his Cadillac, holding up traffic and swerving across lanes….

Another driver reading her day planner that she held in both hands along with her steering wheel, while she drove her Mercedes…

And, a third driver in a black Yukon the size of a luxury yacht who pulled out into the bike lane on Dexter, and flipped me a single digit salute through his tinted windows as I swerved around him….

To be fair, there were also many drivers who didn't catch my attention because they were driving their cars in a responsible manner, at least while I was present, but still, "They're out there…"

Safety first, folks.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Early Autumn Rides

Two September weekends and two rides to remember. Last weekend, rode across I-90 and then out to Issaquah, using much of the same route that I rode on Livestrong last June. After a great and quiet ride through farmland on May Valley Road, I crossed a newly-constructed bridge and then turned north on Issaquah-Hobart into Issaquah, where Suburbia begins. Found the Starbucks at one of the universe of Strip Malls, refueled, then over Newport Hills, around Factoria and down to Coal Creek Parkway. Is there any easier way to find the I-90 trail from the Eastside south of the freeway? Maybe, but I've yet to find it. Entire route was about 60 miles on an 80 degree day, and well worth repeating.

The second ride should be labeled the Salmon Ride. While not riding the Cascade Spawning Cycle, there sure was enough overlap, as I rode much of the course in reverse. Coming up the Duwamish Trail, I watched one get landed in a boat adrift on the Duwamish. I watched two pulled in at the Duwamish Fishing Pier. Stopping at the Cascade Bike Club's spot at Myrtle Edwards Park, I ate a Ballard Brothers Blackened Salmon Burger, and then headed out the Locks to watch salmon heading up the fish ladder on their way home. Another 45 mile ride, and also worthy of a repeat.