Monday, November 17, 2014

Coffeeneuring #7

Completed the challenge, two years in a row!  After a clarification of the rules by the Chief Coffeeneur, the 47 mile Magnolia>Alki>Leschi loop qualifies as the 7th in the series.  A crisp, cold day, a hot mocha, homemade PB & J, and a chance meeting with a Cascade Group on the Magnolia Bluff made for a great day in the saddle.

The 6th ride was on Veteran's Day, a 24 mile jaunt to Golden Gardens, with a stop at the Phinney Ridge Starbucks to sip a 2x Americano and admire the destruction caused by a runaway truck that plowed through the guard rail and into the plate glass window.  When asked about the incident, the barista, obviously tired of being questioned, said no one was hurt and the driver got away.  Such is life in the big city.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Coffeeneuring #5

Leisurely 28 miles today down the Burke Gilman Trail and around Magnolia, with a stop at the Magnolia Starbucks for coffeneuring.  This particular Starbucks attracts a number of riders who make the circuit on the bluff for the views and the climbs.  The double tall mocha hit the spot and provided enough spark to get me back up to the Chittenden Locks and then a return trip on the north side of the ship canal while the sun was still out.  In November, those of us in Seattle need to grab the warm and dry while we can!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Coffeneuring #4

We're getting into serious autumn up here in the Great Northwest, but it was dry this morning and the BGT beckoned with another coffeeneuring adventure to be had.   This time, a traditional counterclockwise North Lake Washington Loop took me around the top and down into Kirkland.  There Caffe Ladro served up a terrific double-short latte.  There's plenty of room inside and out, bike, dog and kid friendly, a good stop about a third of the way on a 40 mile circumnavigation.  A fine ride and made even finer as the rain held off until I made it home.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Coffeeneuring Map - A Connected Activity Made Possible by the Web

In this post, the Chief Coffeeneur describes the map that is being used to track locations for this year's event.

And here in his fine blog about biking around the neighborhood, Daniel describes the process by which he is accumulating the information and creating the map.

In the category of when worlds collide, this collective activity has much in similarity with the Connected Courses event in which I'm participating over here.  Both involve a loose collaboration among a set of interested participants, where communities are defined with links and hashtags.  This one here is about riding bikes and going for coffee!

Coffeeneuring #3

After a start under threatening skies, I got a phone call from my brother and stopped to chat.  As those autumn Seattle skies opened up and the squall commenced, I moved under a tree to continue the conversation and stay dry.  After wrapping up business with Sam, the prudent thing to do was to cross the Ravenna Park Bridge and head down the hill to Zoka for a latte and a Zoka Bar.  

The plan was to wait out the showers.  But, back on the bike, it became obvious that I wasn't dressed for the weather.  With the cold/cough/upper respiratory phlegm yuckness that's been present for the past couple of weeks, I turned back, headed up the hill toward the warmth of home.  On the way, I snapped this photo of a casualty from last night's wind storm.

Fall in the Great Northwest is time for rain gear and long-fingered gloves.  8.7 miles today, but let's live to ride another day and be better prepared.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Coffeeneuring #2

An almost 29 mile loop around Seattle on a beautiful fall day included a stop at Zeitgeist Coffee in Pioneer Square for a double latte and a ginger molasses cookie to qualify for Coffeeneuring #2.

The Blue Riot was back from it's overhaul (bottom bracket, drive train, etc, etc,) with new fenders for the upcoming monsoon season, and a spiffy new accessory, an Acorn Medium Saddlebag.

Record-breaking heat today (73 F!) brought out the crowds, including several sightings of those using the new Pronto bike-sharing service.  Popular today, but we'll see how many of these things get used between mid-November and the end of February.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Coffeeneuring #1 - And, we're off!

Coffeeneuring 2014 began with a counter-clockwise Seattle Urban Loop, including riding past Green Lake, Golden Gardens, Magnolia, Seattle Center, Downtown, through the I-90 tunnel and return via Leschi.  37 miles, 2129 ft elevation gain.

Highlights of the bright fall day included a trip through Seattle Center, as well as my first use of the new 2nd Avenue bike infrastructure. SDOT has made 'improvements' to the Bike Lane of Death, still sort of gnarly and emotional, especially when passing the ghost bike memorializing where the cyclist lost her life.

The requisite coffee was obtained at the Leschi Starbucks, a frequent stop for many on their Sunday rides.  The double grande iced mocha hit the spot.