Sunday, May 26, 2013

EveryBody Walk

EveryBody Walk:

The campaign to get everybody walking!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

So Far 2013

So far this year, I've booked over 600 miles, 225 of which are from the CTS series, rides 1 - 5.   It's been great riding with a group, having the incentive to get up early on the weekend, be an Associate Ride Leader, and start to get into shape for the longer jaunts, as we extend the rides.

The rides seem to be easier than last year, and this weekend's Marymoor>Monroe>Snohomish>Paradise Valley excursion was simply outstanding, especially since we've been experiencing summer in May.  Especially noticeable was the relative ease of the hill in Springhetti out of Snohomish Delta up toward Maltby.  And, the ride through Paradise Valley is beautiful with very low traffic.

What's worked so far has been the breakfast, riding a bit during the week, stretching, and a tune-up from Counterbalance Cycles, with new big chain ring, chain and cassette.  Mechanic told me that the old big ring was as worn as they've seen, and it's the first time that anything like that since I bought the Bleriot in 2008.  Maybe 15,000 miles?  Maybe more?  That bike now has it's share of scrapes, bumps and scratches to give it the 'well-used' look, but it still rides like a champ.