Friday, July 8, 2011


Once again, it's back in the saddle after a lay off. What with schedule changes, weather, and a myriad of other excuses, I haven't been putting in the miles like I used to. (Plus, truth to be told, I get tired more easily!)

But, that may change, after yesterday's return to the bike commute option to TLF. Fine ride up in the summer drizzle, about 70 minutes, and arrived fresh for a day in the life of MMM. But, the key was the ride home, pedaling to digest the impending tough conversations on budgets, reporting requirements, etc. Longer hours may mean less gym time, for which I should substitute the saddle time.

IPad helps with staying plugged in. Maybe I should get one of these.

STP Packet-pick up at starting line tomorrow. Decided not to RSVP this year after being online forever and dealing with the CBC hassles, and am comfortable with that decision. I'm not in shape and was not looking forward to the ride or the weekend away, especially after Minneapolis, LA, SF and now a trip to Ashland next week for OSF.