Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 Coffeeneuring - An Incomplete

The 2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge took me to a number of new cafes, bakeries, and outlets.  While I didn’t complete the requisite 7 trips, due to a number of factors, including travel, weather, other responsibilities and distractions, I had fun, rode with friends, enjoyed coffee and goodies.

Here’s the list:

Preseason Coffeeneuring on the Kitsap Color Classic at Viking Brew in Poulsbo, on September 25.  2X Americano at about halfway on a 57 mile jaunt.   Good pick me up when I could use one.

Coffeeneuring #1 - Zeitgeist Coffee in Pioneer Square in Seattle.  October 8.   2X Americano and a molasses cookie.  A rainy day and they let me bring my bike inside.  Always bike friendly, always great coffee

Coffeeneuring #2 - Iced latte at Mellow Johnny’s in Austin, Texas on October 15.  Yes, this is Lance’s bike shop, which I visited while on business in Austin.   Rented a bike using the Austin Bike Share program, toodled around Lady Bird Lake.   

Coffeeneuring #3 was completed on October 22, as part of the Seattle Pastry Rides series, one of Cascade Bike Club’s free group rides.   We rode from Gas Works Park, down along Lake Washington, and then up to Beacon Hill, before dropping into the SoDo neighborhood to Macrina Bakery.   Here’s a map.  2X Americano and an apple turnover.   Lots of bikes, lots of riders, and the bakery was even more crowded with the Sounders match nearby.   

The next weekend, on October 30, the Pastry Ride Series continued, and this time in the North End.  We stopped at Grand Pere Bakery in Mountlake Terrace.     Best goodie of the series, an almond croissant as big as a baseball glove, and another 2X Americano to keep me going as the rain started. Coffeeneuring #4.  

Coffeeneuring #5, November 6, I got separated from the group on a ride out to Alki Point in West Seattle, but stopped at Top Pot Doughnuts to regroup and refuel, coffee and bacon maple bar.  37 miles, and well worth it.  

Then, life happened.  I didn’t ride for a couple of weeks.   Rainy weekends, no time during the week due to this thing called a job, family obligations, and national events were distracting, to say the least. Finally, back on the bike in the rain on November 20, but the last coffeeneuring, past the deadline, was last weekend, November 27.  A North End loop, and a stop at Larsen’s in Crown Hill, for a pick-me-up before heading back in the drizzle.

Yes, that’s seven rides in total for coffee this fall, but not within the time frame allowed, so no completion of the challenge this year, after having done so in the past four years.  

A bit of a disappointment, but the spirit of coffeeneuring continues into Winter and the New Year. Always be coffeeneuring!