Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Rules, according to Kolo T.C.

The Rules | kolo t.c.:

Of course, these rules are meant to complement those specified previously....

19 great miles from Marymoor over Newport Hill and into downtown Bellevue today on CTS #3. Those dry miles were followed unfortunately by a downpour, gusty winds and a schlep back over the 520 trail through Microsoft Land to the starting point.   We combined with another Yellow Group, after polling in the rain while shivering, and finding that no one wanted to endure the weather.

There was confusion about the route, we got lost once after missing a turn, but made it back to fight another day.

694 miles YTD, with over 60 hours bike time.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lynne's Mostly-Cycling Blog: The Making of a Cue Sheet

Lynne's Mostly-Cycling Blog: The Making of a Cue Sheet:

I've been struggling with maps, map formats, Google Earth, etc., as the duties and responsibilities of becoming a CTS Ride Leader push their way to the front of my limited attention span.   Here, cyclist extraordinaire Lynne F describes how to make a good cue sheet, and her attention to detail is noteworthy.