Friday, December 20, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

More Coffeeneuring Extra Credit and Winter Road Test

30 miles or so, now that the bike gears are working properly and the ice has melted.   Stopped at Zeitgeist for the now obligatory coffee and carbs, and then through the ID to Beacon Hill, over to Seward Park, and up through Leschi, where I stopped to admire the Mountain.   

Even though it's only been two weeks, it seems I was off the bike for a longer time than that.  The ride gave me some time to contemplate goals for 2014, including more miles, upping the commute frequency, maybe STP, definitely RSVP, GR2R series, CTS, maybe some randonneuring, who knows?  The 2,600 miles this year seems paltry compared with where I want to be next year at this time.   Let's see what time and schedule allows.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Only One Ride Away

31-some miles in the late November afternoon sunshine, after staying in the sack too long and missing the scheduled ride with the group.  Chilly in the wind and cold in the shadows, and the low temperature sucking more out of me than expected.  Still, great views, descents, lots of friendly cyclists out on the road and once again reminded why I do this.  Or, as has been the case, you are only a bike ride away from redemption.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How Far Is It?

The Old Guy on Two Wheels writes eloquently about the zen of the Bike Commute.   Key quote, 'Tonight’s commute was a mixture of magic and joy.'  Nice to read after all the other pieces recently about how mean the streets are out there.   And, even Los Angeles is getting into the act.   Note this piece entitled Fear and Loathing and Cycling in LA.   LACounty Bike Coalition Exec Director Jennifer Klausner talks about riding in the City of Angels and gets to the heart of what David Byrne described about seeing the city from the saddle in Bicycle Diaries.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coffeeneuring Extra Credit

Colder, windier, darker as we progress toward the winter equinox, but still, plenty enough time to get in one more coffeeneuring adventure this fall.    Headed into the South Wind toward Pioneer Square and Zeitgeist.   The Second Avenue canyon produced a whirlwind, side wind, interesting traffic on a Seahawk Sunday, but despite all of that, I managed to get to the place where the coffeeneuring started for me this year.

After a pick-me-up and with the tailwind at my back, I flew up Alaska Way, through Myrtle Edwards Park and then stopped to snap a photo of an angry Elliott Bay.

Crossed the Ship Canal at the Locks, and back via BGT.  28 miles, and about 2,500 YTD.  This is a route I've done countless times, but always a favorite with the water views, the ramble through Interlaken, Pioneer Square, a couple of bridges, and getting the essence of Seattle on a bike.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Coffeeneuring complete!

Coffeeneuring #7

Coffeeneuring #7 took me to Tully's Alki Point in West Seattle for a 2x latte in a pleasant orange cup and a piece of their banana walnut bread.  I chose this destination as it is a meeting point for many a Cascade Bike Club ride, and for the contrasts apparent in riding out there in November as opposed to summer months.  During the warm and bright seasons, Alki is full of walkers, riders, skateboarders, beach goers, cruisers, hog riders and tourists.  But, now we are into full and deep autumn, there's little traffic with all the grey and the cold, wet breeze blowing from the north.

Two weeks off the bike, due to a significant family event away from the area, work commitments and the annual onslaught of the worst weather of the year, and I felt the effects of the layoff in my legs and back.   Plus the days are getting shorter, and my lights took effect as I made it home in the dark.    

40 miles or so, but satisfaction gained from completing the challenge and being a part of something larger than myself.

To recap then -

  • 7 coffeeneuring rambles completed.  All took place in King County, Washington, USA, North America, Planet Earth.  All but one were entirely within the Seattle City Limits.
  • All of said 7 rides involved obtaining and consuming hot caffeinated beverages and accompanying carbohydrates, baked goods usually with chocolate.
  • 5 of the rides were accomplished using the trusty Bleriot, pictured above.   On the first 2, I rode the Lemond Alpe d'Huez.
  • Best latte was served by Caffe Ladro.
  • Best goodie was purchased at consumed at Zoka.
  • About 250 miles ridden in pursuit of the coffeeneuring dream.
  • Photo documentation is here.
Lessons learned - 
  • Coffee and cycling complement each other well.
  • Many other great people across the planet have noticed this natural connection and share their special understanding using modern tools.
  • Coffeeneuring is what we do, not a special event limited to the autumn.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fear and Longing

Lovely Bicycle!: Fear and Longing:

Absolutely too much of this this year, or any year for that matter.   Velouria's life was irreversibly altered, though she doesn't say how, but leave her the space and let her write eloquently, in her own time.

Here's the link to Pamela's post about her being hit by the truck.

Too many distracted drivers, watching their cell phones, pinging and tweeting and talking and texting.  And too many distracted people, in between their headphones, not being intentional and aware.

And, the creak of getting older.   Knees and hips hurt. Stiff.   What's this bulge in my side?  Frontier Doctor says it's not the real bad stuff, probably, but let's make sure by taking a look inside.  So, more uncertainty.

But, the daughter did marry.  And, Steve is right.  And that was all good.

Now, onto the next set of challenges, uncertainties, and paying attention to the important.  Oh, and let's complete the coffeeneuring challenge!  It's good to have goals and get into nature.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Coffeeneuring #6

As I dropped down to the BGT, received a friendly hello from a member of the Seattle Randonneurs, who complimented the Bleriot and encouraged me to join the group for their winter training series.  I'm inclined to do so, along with helping out with Cascade's CTS and Getting Ready to Ride events next February.  Riding through winter is admirable, without going too nuts, and it's good to have goals.

The sixth ride in my Seattle Coffeeneuring series this fall took me by the Seattle Peace Park and a view of a Halloween-draped 1000 Cranes statue.   From there, a stop at the Leschi Starbucks, always a place to see other cyclists, both casual and the serious, as it's a central location for those circumnavigating the lake, heading over the I-90 bridge to points east, or just out for a mere toodle.   I filled up on a double-short latte, plus a chocolate croissant, thus earning coffeeneuring points.

Then, up the hill, through the I-90 bike tunnel and in a departure from my norm, a left turn onto the Mountain-to-Sound trail, and up Beacon Hill to Daejeon Park, a little gem dedicated to a sister city in Korea.   And, the sun came out while taking a picture of the Korean-style shelter.

Continued to the end of the trail and a fine descent on Holgate into Sodo, I rode back up the waterfront and found Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior docked at Pier 66.  Volunteers were asking for signatures on their petition to the Russian government to free the Arctic 30, a group seized during their protest of Gazprom drilling in the Arctic.  I gladly signed, and took a few photos of the ship.

Rest of the ride was relatively uneventful, but fall colors on the trail, more leaves on the ground, grey skies (it's sure been foggy around here!) and a definite chill in the breeze all underscore that we're into serious autumn now.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coffeeneuring #5

Coffeeneuring #5 started out well.   Cool, foggy, damp, wet pavement, this is cycling in Seattle in autumn.  First wrinkle was encountering the Dawg Dash 10K on the BGT at 25th, suggesting a detour through the Husky Stadium parking lot and crossing the Montlake Bridge. Climbed up Interlaken, crossed I-5, turned on Boylston Ave., and when accelerating after a stop, I broke my chain!   That necessitated an emergency reroute on foot back to Montlake Bike Shop, where repairs were quickly made.

Back on the road, and the next stop was at Caffe Ladro for a double latte and a slice of pumpkin bread. Delicious and a real spot-hitter.

From Downtown Seattle, headed through Seattle Center and over to the trail along Elliott Bay, and out to the Locks, now open after 16 days of being held hostage.   Herons are nesting in the trees, and Lake Washington is being drawn down for winter.  After crossing the canal, looped back home via the BGT.

29 miles, not including the walk back for repairs.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to Fit a Bicycle

How to Fit a Bicycle:

Maybe some day I'll pay attention to serious articles like this one written by Peter Jon White.

Coffeeneuring #4

Chilly morning, and I made the mistake of not wearing the long johns or the full fingered gloves, so by the time I put in the miles to Marymoor Park I was cold to the core.   But, a double short latte at the Dog Park Espresso ("Creative Coffee Concepts") provided sufficient warmth and calories to continue. Rode the new cycle track on the West Lake Sammamish Parkway, up over Newport Way, across Mercer Island, and then down into Leschi.

Stopped at the Starbucks in Leschi, a frequent and well-used venue by many who ride the Lake Washington Loop and used my free rewards to reward myself with a double mocha for the jaunt back up through the Arboretum and then on home.   49. 6 miles today.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Coffeeneuring #3

Stopped at Zoka U-Village for the by now familiar order of a double Americano + a goodie, in this case, a Zoka Bar.   Zoka is a quintessential Seattle coffee purveyor, fair trade, free range, line caught, organic, pure of heart coffee, sponsor of cycling team, plus maker of outrageous baked goods.   

Once fired up, I continued past Husky Stadium, where the UW was in the process of valiantly losing to the Oregon Ducks.   There had been plenty of action in the parking lot for the tailgaters, plus I witnessed the UW police arrest a young Husky fan who apparently had caused trouble on the BGT.

Today's short route took me over Interlaken, past REI, out to Seattle Center, back via the bridge to Myrtle Edwards park, and then return via the Ship Canal.  The newly refurbished Bleriot rode and shifted like a dream after the TLC from Montlake Bike Shop.  

More sunny fall weather on tap for tomorrow and the week time come!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Coffeeneuring #2

Rode my training route to Sunset Hill and Golden Gardens, but stopped at top of descent at Cafe Fiore, home of the grumpy baristas.   Double americano plus something called a Coco Jo Mint cookie.  Hope this is not the last 75 degree day of 2013!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Coffeeneuring 2013

Coffeeneuring #1 involved a trip to Zeitgeist in Pioneer Square for a double Americano plus a ginger molasses cookie.

Afterwards, checked out the Klondike Gold Rush Museum across the street, which was closed and held hostage by the Banana Republicans.   Then, off to West Seattle on the aluminum Lemond, a light and somewhat squirrelly ride, especially after riding the steel Rivendell exclusively for the last several years.   44 + miles, including a visit to the Ballard Locks, also closed due to the shutdown.   

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bicycle Repair Update


Got a call from Montlake Bike Shop.  The mechanic discovered a crack in the rear wheel.  Better to do that while bike is at the shop than on a 40 mph descent down 70th or going down to Golden Gardens, or anywhere else for that matter.

Time to get back on bike delayed and budget estimates have doubled.  Need to get back on the road in time for the coffeeneuring challenge.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Into Autumn

Wound up a summer's worth of riding, capped by the commute home from TLF into the familiar autumnal southbound headwind on the BGT.  2161 miles since New Years' Eve, 91K of elevation gain, and an average speed of 12.3 mph.  So much for statistics.

And, the sluggish front derailleur finally refused to budge, cable and housing needing replacement, so off to a new (to me) LBS, Montlake Bike Shop.  Service kit, wheels to be trued, drive train, etc.  Time for the experts to do there thing.

Let's see how they do, compared to the others, but they come with strong recommendations and have sponsored Cascade Events in the past.

Probably won't be on the bike for about ten days, given the upcoming travel schedule.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Training for the Challenge. A flat????

31 miles down to Leschi, through the I-90 Bike Tunnel to Zeitgeist, to do some training for the coffeeneuring challenge next month.  Then, out to the Locks to cross the ship canal, and then up 32nd NW to the new Ballard Neighborhood Greenway along NW 58th to check out the latest addition to the Seattle Bike Infrastructure.  I like these designated low traffic routes through neighborhoods as an alternative to the higher traffic arterials.

But, on the last block before I turned south on 8th to meet back up with the BGT, I picked up a big ol' industrial-sized staple, and got my first flat of the year!  After 2K miles. Almost amusing.

On a separate note, I dropped the local gym membership.  Wasn't using it, and didn't like it when I did. 5 TVs, grumpy people, broken equipment, smelly sauna, blah, blah, blah.   If I want to work out, and I will, I'll do so at TLF during the week, and use the other gym time for walking with the Brown Dog.  Fresh air.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pedals again

So, I put the Shimano cleats on the shoes and tried out the clip ins.    Frustrating at first, and didn't like 'em at first, especially the difficulty getting clipped in as well as getting out of them, and remembered why I switched to the Speedplays originally.  20 + miles out to Locks and back, at leisurely pace, stopping to take a few photos and actually enjoy the ride, rather than booking the miles and watching the time.

Going back to what we used to do.

How to Build a Universe: Philip K. Dick on Reality, Media Manipulation, and Human Heroism | Brain Pickings

How to Build a Universe: Philip K. Dick on Reality, Media Manipulation, and Human Heroism | Brain Pickings:

This isn't bike-related, but expands on a theme we discussed last night, after attending a book-reading by Jonathan Raban.   The author of Driving Home discussed how he wrote, whether he used notes, and described how his observations, when combined with adjectives, adverbs, metaphors and similes, became a work of fiction.   In essense, he called into question the differences between fiction, non-fiction, journalism, and how we all create our realities.   To me, that is paralleled by Dick's observation, “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away."  And, 'The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.'

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Velominati › The Rules

Velominati › The Rules:

Of course, the first rule is, Break All The Rules!

Then, Grant offers his own perspective....

Of course, for advice on how to stay young, follow these rules...

Sunday, September 1, 2013


So far this year, 1900 + miles, and not as much as I'd like, but that's what the total is.   We went on our annual trip to Ashland for the OSF, and like last year, brought the bike for a ride.   43 miles out and back through the orchards and vineyards of the Rogue Valley, after a bit of drama.  Yes, I remembered to pack the bike, helmet, gloves, shorts, etc., but this time, I forgot the bike shoes.  Since the Bleriot has Speedplay Frogs installed as pedals, this situation required attention.   Drove to Siskiyou Cyclery where the good folks installed a pair of Shimano Reversable Road Pedals so I could ride in my Merrells, or sandals, or whatever, and then get a new pair of bike shoes when clipping in makes more sense.

The ride was fine with the new pedals, and not being clipped in was not a big deal, so we'll try them out for the time being while riding around the city.   And, in fact, the 23 + miles out to Sunset Hill and Golden Gardens via the BGT was just fine without the Frogs.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Home - Ride Oregon Ride

Home - Ride Oregon Ride:

Check out the video about the Blue Mountain Century Scenic Bikeway.

I want to do this.  I want to be able to do this.....

Friday, August 16, 2013

No RSVP 2013

Worked the RSVP starting line this morning, and missed going on the ride.  The route north to Canada is one I've done several times in the past, and have always enjoyed.  It's more of a challenge than STP, has less of the yahoo-racing factor, fewer crowds and pace lines, plus you end up in Vancouver!   The ride just wasn't going to work with all that is going on this summer and fall, but will be on calendar for 2014.

Instead, I ran into Jenny from Cascade who reminded me of the commitment to become a Ride Leader, and so I signed up to ride this Sunday around Lake Sammamish with a club mentor and a group.

Annual visit to the Frontier Doctor yesterday showed many good numbers, but recommendation is to drop a few lbs and ride the bike more.   So, let's recommit to the commute that I sluffed off this week.

1,666 miles YTD.   More to come.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to stay sane | Brain Pickings

How to stay sane | Brain Pickings:

Not bike-related directly, but somehow, it fits.....or as Vonnegut said, "Be careful of the lies you tell yourself," or something like that....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

July Rides

End of July weekend, and 110 miles over two days.  The first ride was on one of my ordinary routes, over the Ravenna ridge and up the Ravenna Boulevard, one of the best bike lanes in Seattle in the middle along the tree-line divide, to south side of Green Lake.  Then, over to Sunset Hill Park, Golden Gardens, across the locks, where the king salmon are now swimming upstream. Then, the Magnolia Bluff, which never fails to impress, especially on these warm afternoons with the summer breezes from the North.  It's been a spectacular summer, and reinforcing why we live here.    Down the Centennial Park bike way to the new Thomas Street Bridge, through Seattle Center and up Dexter to the BGT.   Nice way to burn off the week's administrative doldrums.

Day two was the big one.  Started out to ride with the Cascade Bike Club on the Marymoor-Snohomish loop, but got on the trail about 1/2 hour late and took 90 minutes to do the 20 miles to the Marymoor start point.  So, turned right instead, went toward Issaquah and then up over Newport Hill to Factoria. Followed the bike trail to the west side of Coal Creek Parkway and that worked well, getting to the Lake Washington Bike Trail without the traffic drama under I-90 and 405.   Southbound, and past the Seahawks Training Camp, with all the 12th Men visiting to watch the wind sprints and push ups.   Lunch at Ivar's at Gene Coulon Park and then down through Renton and Tukwila to hook up with the Interurban and Duwamish Trails.

While crossing the West Seattle Low Bridge, I stopped to take photos, and also to visit with a bike traveler who had a fully loaded rig.   "I've got everything I own on my bike!"   He had started from San Diego, rode to the Canadian Border.  "Followed the coast to Florence, Oregon, then up the Willamette Valley, and rode the PTS route, STP in reverse."  Now he was on the return trip, headed back, and was planning to get to Auburn that night.  "Spent last night sleeping in a cemetery!"  I'm impressed and a bit of envious of his adventure and his true freedom.  Not tied down with responsibilities, family, career and otherwise.

Finished up my ride by avoiding downtown, the Torchlight Parade and tourist crunch along the waterfront, and instead returned via I-90 tunnel, Leschi, Lake Washington Blvd, Arboretum.  By the time I started the climb up the 39th Ave NE Greenway, I was running on empty, but encountered more traffic on that new piece of bike infrastructure than I've seen before, six or seven other bikes!

78 miles, warm, great new route.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

BicycleKitty: STP

BicycleKitty: STP:

Nice STP write-up.    I rode with these two for a bit, but didn't recognize them.  Key quote, 'Instead of looking at it as a bike ride, I view it as all of humanity coming out to spend a couple days riding bikes.  As always with a huge tidal wave of people, there are the scuffles and irritations that can happen in crowds.'

Still nursing a sore lower right leg.  Strained muscle, ligament, something while walking (Walking!) on Monday after the ride, and have been deliberately inactive since.  Looking forward to getting back on the bike today.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

STP 2013

Finished STP on Sunday, and you couldn't have asked for better conditions.    Cool and clear in the morning, warm enough on Saturday, breezes from the north that translated into warm tailwinds, a friendlier and more well-behave peloton than Flying Wheels, all in all, a fine ride.

What went well:

Saturday, in retrospect, was easy.  If I had made other plans, I could have gone farther than the 102 miles from Seattle to Centralia.  Started off watching a wannabe sprinter crash into a tree in front of Hec Ed pavilion, no more than 150 yds from the start, but then saw no further crashes throughout the day.   Starbucks at Leschi, Subway for lunch in Spanaway, long Tenino trail, and was in to the midpoint by 3:30.    Massage, hot tub, La Tarasca, and a DQ Blizzard, and I was done.

Sunday a bit tougher, but in no way the schlep it's been in the past.  Started out at 5:30 after 1st hotel breakfast, second in Winlock after rolling through farmland south of Chehalis with terrific views of Mt. St. Helens.  Crossed the mighty Columbia, and then had a good tailwind down US. 30 into Portland. Again, finished by 3:30.  Average rolling speed = 14.8, compared to 14.2 the day before.

No problems with Bleriot, save handlebar tape unravelling a bit, and old gloves finally wearing out.   No flats either, although saw many on the thinner tires of others.    A ride ref reported that there had been tacks on the road near Spanaway and Puyallup.

Things to consider for next time:

CTS was well worth it.  I was in road shape, and ready to ride long distances.  

Second day was hot, and I ended up eating poorly, maybe too much, and felt dehydrated toward the end.  I gained weight on the ride.

Avoid the REI stop.   Loud music, crowds, not pleasant or restful.

Similarly, the Finish Line festival in Portland was loud, a bit obnoxious, and after two days of riding, I wanted to just get cleaned up and out of there.

Four days later, I still have some discomfort in right quad and right lower leg.   Recovery not as easy as I expected.  Maybe more and better sleep a couple of days before, maybe more mid week rides?   Maybe I'm not as young as I used to be?   Maybe better core and upper body conditioning?  Or, maybe don't sweat it, cause the important thing is to enjoy the ride, the scenery and the group experience!

A big 'we'll see' about next year, or maybe it's RSVP.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Am I ready for STP?   57 miles today, and Newport Way was easier than I expected, much more so than a year ago.     Raised seatpost about 1/2 an inch, and it helped.  Knees fine, legs good, minor and very sporadic back pain during ride.    Fix that by stretching.   Watch what I eat, stay hydrated, ride within my limits, and use the gears.

CTS rides were well worth it.  Will consider ride leading, but maybe that's another task where I've got to be the adult in the room and is not what I'm up for.  Big we'll see.

1,160 miles YTD.  53K feet elevation gain, whatever that is worth.

Will do a bit more riding this week, along with getting enough rest and keeping a positive focus.

But, I'm ready.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Wasn't in Lynne's Plan

Over the years that I've been riding, I've come to admire Lynne for her long-distance adventures, her persistence, and her writing that emanates good cheer and positive vibrations.   So, when I read her latest, it was with more than a twinge of sadness:

Lynne's Mostly-Cycling Blog: This Wasn't The Plan:

I hope for her sake that these are temporary setbacks.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flying Wheels 2013

Rode the Cascade Bike Club's Flying Wheels event on Saturday, and chose the 65 mile route as opposed to the Century, as we had another event to attend early that evening, or at least, that's the excuse I'm using now.   Other excuses include the fact that I hadn't been on the bike for a couple of weeks, due to travel commitments, some minor surgery, hay fever, and a self-inflicted wounding that occurred during the risk-taking behavior of walking the dog.   So, I wasn't at the top of my game starting out, and  it showed on the several hill climbs on the route.

Here's what worked for me:

Lots of friends from previous CBC rides, including the Cascade Training Series.  Good humor, safe riding, fine company.

Riding in the scenic Snoqualmie Valley.   Beautiful farmland, the Snoqualmie River Marsh, the views from Duvall, all reminding of the amazing place we live.  It's a great course.   And, Claire's recommendation for the end of the ride worked very well.

Schwalbe Marathon Tires - Yes, they are fat, with thick tread, some say slow, I say appropriately paced,  and while I have had a flat or two, they rode fine, and avoided the many flats that apparently plagued those who were using skinny racing tires.

Provisions along the way.  Well-stocked food stops, bananas, Rice Krispies treats, typical cyclist fare, but always in abundance and kept me fueled.  Plus, a well-timed coffeeneuring stop at SBUX in Carnation.

Not so pleasant:

The big ride itself.   Sometimes riding in a crowd is great, sometimes not.   As Leo describes it, 'Think asteroid scene from Star Wars.  It's crowded, chaotic, and an ADHD's dream ride.'   Not a ride in which to achieve the Zen, or even the camaraderie of the CTS series where courtesy and common sense tend to prevail.

Pacelines, racers and racer wannabes, not letting others know when passing, cutting back into line without leaving room, ear buds, blowing through stop signs, riding several abreast on narrow country roads and inviting antagonism from the pick-up truck crowd.   A cavalcade of poor behavior only surpassed by....

The afore mentioned pick-up truck crowd, honking, revving, narrow passing.  Sometimes they are just irritating, sometimes scary.

My two-week layoff - The long hill up Issaquah-Fall City Road ran me out of gas, and by the end I was fried.  It's back to the gym, need to schedule more saddle time, two-wheeled commuting, and do a better job of recovery in anticipation of STP.

To sum up, yes, I'll probably do this one again, but look forward to spending more time on a similar route throughout the year in less crowded circumstances.   My results are here.  Your mileage may vary.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

EveryBody Walk

EveryBody Walk:

The campaign to get everybody walking!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

So Far 2013

So far this year, I've booked over 600 miles, 225 of which are from the CTS series, rides 1 - 5.   It's been great riding with a group, having the incentive to get up early on the weekend, be an Associate Ride Leader, and start to get into shape for the longer jaunts, as we extend the rides.

The rides seem to be easier than last year, and this weekend's Marymoor>Monroe>Snohomish>Paradise Valley excursion was simply outstanding, especially since we've been experiencing summer in May.  Especially noticeable was the relative ease of the hill in Springhetti out of Snohomish Delta up toward Maltby.  And, the ride through Paradise Valley is beautiful with very low traffic.

What's worked so far has been the breakfast, riding a bit during the week, stretching, and a tune-up from Counterbalance Cycles, with new big chain ring, chain and cassette.  Mechanic told me that the old big ring was as worn as they've seen, and it's the first time that anything like that since I bought the Bleriot in 2008.  Maybe 15,000 miles?  Maybe more?  That bike now has it's share of scrapes, bumps and scratches to give it the 'well-used' look, but it still rides like a champ.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Offspring Training -

Offspring Training -

Doug Glanville on Spring Training, patience, forgiveness and getting a second chance...

"Baseball has a knack for being able to strip away age and make you believe you can always return to the era of your choosing."

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Started CTS 2013 today with a short 21 miles from Renton to South Park and then up Des Moines Memorial Drive to just north of the Seatac Airport.  One highlight was riding right underneath the landing pattern, as well as

Went up a notch from last year to ride with the Green Group at 14 -16 MPH, on the flats and level.  After staying off the bike for much of the winter, it's good to be pushed to get back in bike shape for the rides to come.

Good group to ride with.

Next week, Chilly Hilly 2013, and I registered today.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nice video about Rivendell Bikes.  I like doing business with these people and using their products.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fat Cyclist » Blog Archive » Fatty Interviews . . . Fatty

Fat Cyclist » Blog Archive » Fatty Interviews . . . Fatty:

Fatty discusses Lance, doping, fraud, apologies, cancer survival, etc.

For the record, I rode Livestrong Seattle in 2009 in honor of my brother-in-law, Tony.   I raised money for Livestrong, from friends and family and co-workers.  The work that I saw, the support that the organization gave to cancer victims and their families, and the camaraderie made it all seem worthwhile.

It still does.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day

30 miles out to Golden Gardens, across the Locks and around Magnolia on a sunny but cold New Year's Day.   The view is why we do this ride.