Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Rides and Thinking Beyond

Great easy ride on Sunday a.m., as fall closes in and winter looms. The leaves, colors and the wet make for much to see and enjoy in a quick loop through Downtown Seattle, out to the Locks for lunch, and then back on the BGT.

I tried out Cyclemeter on the iPhone and uploaded the route to MapMyRide.com, a site I don't like because of the adds and superfluous nonsense, but Bikely.com wasn't working and Google Earth didn't come to mind, so will go with that for now. The Cyclemeter app is easy to use, intuitive, but something of a power hog on the iPhone. Once again, the handlebar wireless Cateye wasn't working, despite battery changes, and will need replacement or a hammer treatment to coax the unit into performance.

Given that Winter is just around the corner, and with travel and holidays, the coming weeks probably will be low mileage, but once again, the idea of riding more and enjoying the rides more keeps coming back. Goal setting for 2012? Maybe the same as 2011, but with follow through this time!