Friday, November 23, 2007

New bike? The internal conflict....

So, it's the day after Thanksgiving, crisp, cold, clear, and time to burn off some of the calories. Haven't been to the gym in almost a week, given my schedule and the time off, and don't want to totally neglect the Cycle U regimen, but it's a good morning for a spin.

So, down the BGT, and around Magnolia, to waterfront, and my half-way break at Uptown Espresso. Then, the thought crystalizes....why not stop by Elliott Bay Bicycles, and just do a 'look-see?'

Danger! Peligro! Aposna!

Yes, there's Bill D, and Bob F, and I talk with Bob, and the words pop out, "What would it take to get me on a new steel Davidson?" Answer......a lot more $$$ than I can afford! But, I'm going to investigate this, see how practical it is, as well as how much I really want the new, the question now is more new bike for the coming year? Bianchi Volpe? or?????

To be continued......

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