Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Scatching the itch

Here's the weather for today:

Yuk. It's wet, cold, windy, and dark. The days don't get much shorter than this one. Glad that I got in another ride on Monday. Looped down through Myrtle Edwards Park, past the OSP, stopped in Pioneer Square at Zeitgeist Coffee for a quick espresso before climbing the hill, going through the Tunnel, and then returning via Leschi and the Arboretum.

Stopped at Montlake Bicycle Shop, ostensibly to look at a Cannondale commuter. While it's still an idea, what caught my eye was a 2007 Bianchi Volpe that was retrofitted as a commuter, with bullet shifters mounted on a standard upright handlebar. Right size, and everything! I test rode it, and while the ride was smooth, and it was interesting to ride upright after so long on a road bike, I was able to come to some conclusions, at least for now. And, the ride back home on the Lemond provided the contrast and frame of reference for that decision.

First, the Lemond does not need to be replaced. It's light, handles well, fits me just fine. Good to go for at least the 2008 season. For now, no need for a commuter. If I want a beater, I'll get one for $150 from Recycled Cycles, who have an ample supply. Those can be loaded with fenders and racks and would suit the purpose well.

If I'm going to get a new ride, I'm going to buy exactly what I want, which means the steel-frame Davidson with the custom-sized frame from EBB. That means I can specify the size, components, features and even the color. I'd rather save the $$$ for that purchase when the time comes, perhaps as a double-nickel birthday present for myself.

Consider the itch to be scratched!

50 miles to go to clear the 3K mark for the year. Let's hope it dries out enough in the next two weeks.

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