Saturday, July 12, 2008

No STP - Hilly, Not Chilly

No STP for me this year. Last week's SF trip and the resulting catch-up at the Learning Factory, plus booking the Brown Dog at the Spa made that out of the question.

Instead, I got my STP fix by volunteering at the Packet Pickup at REI yesterday, after Bob made a few minor adjustments to the New Ride.

This morning, I took off for Bainbridge Island to ride an Unchilly Hilly, the same route from February but under considerably brighter skies and with much warmer temps. Spectacular scenery made me once again appreciate all that this area has to offer, especially on one of those crystal-clear North Wind summer days.

Upon the return and a refueling at Zeitgeist in Pioneer Square, I strolled through the Fire Festival, then out to the Locks and back home via BGT. 86 glorious degrees at U-Village at 530 p.m. 60.3 miles. New ride is great. Time to sell the Lemond?

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