Saturday, September 13, 2008

When Worlds Collide - Latest Episode

When the odometer flips over 1K, the New Ride is no longer 'new.' Added 60 + miles on another spectacular fall day, first up to the Learning Factory for a picture with the Vets Club, as I had contributed to their mileage project for 9/11, and then out to Marymoor to cheer on the Breast Cancer walkers.

Two dear friends from high school, about 50 gazillion years ago, are participating in the walk. Picked Lisa and Mallory up from King Street Station and shared dinner with them, plus C & M, the night before. They all hit it off in splendid fashion and, for me, the experience was one of finally being able to connect my present with past friends, to come full circle, connect some dots, restore the universe, have worlds collide and walk away smiling. Both of the old friends look healthy, happy, wonderful senses of humor and presence, victorious survivors.

So, on the walk, I waited for them to hit the SRT after about 19 miles, and while waiting, cheered on hundreds of other walkers, some carrying flags honoring wives, daughters, sisters, friends who had been afflicted with cancer. I thought of Lynn, of Mary-Pat, the Fat Cyclist's wife, Susan , even Auntie Dot, and the other women who are fighting through that. Deeply moving. And, the other things were present as well, including watching how people react after walking 19 miles, knowing that they have two more days to go, tired feet, legs, backs, how they react as they see the sign telling them they are almost at the end, smiles, laughter and lots of comments about getting a ride on the Bleriot, which is no longer the new ride. L and M were in fine shape as they made the turn, smiles, hugs, and laughter, but they looked ready for Day One to be done!

My ride back was gently pleasant in the warm autumn afternoon sunshine, against a headwind that turned into a tailwind near the top of the lake. A few weeks ago, I wondered where summer had gone. It's still here.

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