Monday, December 22, 2008


No riding for over a week now, as the snow and ice present a formidable barrier. But, lots of walks with the Brown Dog, including the trek down the hill to the OLA. Recently, I was walking up the trail to Kite Hill in the snow, and noticed a man with a long beard and two dogs descending. All dogs were off leash. As is the custom, we both stopped to make sure that the impending canine convention would be friendly. When we met, we talked about the weather and the snow, remarking that such a snowfall was uncommon in Seattle. The other dog owner mentioned that he was from Corvallis, Oregon, and in town to go to Fred Hutch. Yes, another cancer patient. He said that this had ‘not been on the radar,’ and was truly grateful just to walk his dogs on a snowy day at Magnuson.

Matt wrote that Dana was starting her chemotherapy early.

C told me that one of the beloved Moms in our group had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I can't help but wonder who is next. Is this the plague that we endure for living in these times?

The list goes on and on. I’m glad that I’ve signed up for Livestrong, and am so thankful for the friends and family who’ve donated so far.

Now, for the melt sometime soon so getting back on the bike doesn’t mean dodging the ice and snow.

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