Sunday, January 11, 2009

What I Saw Riding in the January Drizzle

What? The parking lot is empty? Why is there no NFL playoff game this Sunday?

So, the only guy on the team, besides Ichiro, who hustles, can steal a base, can bunt, and actually plays like he enjoys the game, is going to Kansas City. Is January 11 too early to ask, 'Wait until next year?"

We've lived here for 29 years and have been to the Locks hundreds of times. I've never seen them open up the floodgates to let the runoff into the Sound. Too much water!

59 miles YTD. Now that the quarter has started, maybe I'll get organized enough to start bike commuting regularly.

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Claudia said...

Please invide me on some of these in-city jaunts. It would get me off of this couch.