Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Technology

C and the kids gave me a belated Father's Day gift, a Garmin 305 GPS. How much technology do you need? Do I need to to know elevation gain? Do I need to know calories burned (hint: not enough). I do like to know distance, speed, time, etc., and the direction I'm going is helpful. But, where it got cool was when I got home from the test ride and loaded up the mapping features.

Here's the link to Garmin Connect that shows more detail that you really need. And, the upload to Google Earth was easy and way cool!

Okay, this is going to suck up lots of my time and energy!


rpd said...

Yes, the answer is "Yes". You need all of this. Mb is a pain at the weekends sometimes but is pretty slick. Check out too.

Anonymous said...