Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Safety First

So, today was Car Free Day. Since I had an errand to run downtown, I hopped on the bike and headed out. On my short trip I saw….

A driver texting on his phone while attempting to drive his Cadillac, holding up traffic and swerving across lanes….

Another driver reading her day planner that she held in both hands along with her steering wheel, while she drove her Mercedes…

And, a third driver in a black Yukon the size of a luxury yacht who pulled out into the bike lane on Dexter, and flipped me a single digit salute through his tinted windows as I swerved around him….

To be fair, there were also many drivers who didn't catch my attention because they were driving their cars in a responsible manner, at least while I was present, but still, "They're out there…"

Safety first, folks.

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Ron said...

It's scary out there. As Tom Vanderbilt regularly observes in his Traffic blog, it's a mystery why we use the word "accident" for collisions that arise from someone's consciously reckless behavior.

I did my part Car Free Day. In my one outing, I left the car in the garage and walked. I think Gail and Cynthia drove though.