Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stuff Overheard at FanFest 2012

Is this next year?  Will the youngsters deliver on their promise?   Will the fans return?  Will Ichiro come back from a disappointing 2011?   Is Jesus Montero the second coming of Albert Pujols?  All these questions, and many more, were asked and considered, but not answered at the Mariners' FanFest 2012.

Here are some things I overheard...

"I'll let you in on a secret.  We didn't have much offense last year."

"That pitcher has gotta miss more bats than he did last year."

"Montero has a high ceiling."

"Smoak is this close."

"The devil is in the backend of the contract.  The Tigers and Angels overpaid."

"The information is only as good as the person giving that information.  And, no, I haven't seen Moneyball."

"The athlete must understand the urgency and responsibility of playing major league baseball, but they have to play tension-free."

"If I had guts, I'd make Figgins my leadoff hitter."

"He brings a lot of moxie to the team."

Maybe this is next year.  Maybe 2013 is next year.

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