Monday, October 15, 2012

The Rains Have Started

Travel over the past several weeks to warm places, Arizona and California, only to return last night to the Great Northwest and the beginning of the rains.  

The Bleriot is in the shop for tune-up, middle front sprocket replacement, fenders and general upkeep after a summer (and some 2400 miles) of good riding since the reset of the Cateye computer back when standard became daylight time.

There's been some wear and tear, including a gear shift cable that mercifully let me finish RSVP before the tear and fraying undid me, as well as new scratches, scars and marks that make the steed look like it's been ridden!   Acorn Bag a big plus over the summer, and now considering panniers if the urge for dark and wet commutes continues to surge.

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