Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Pacific Standard Time ride, with wet roads, leaves, leftover Halloween decorations, campaign signs and wearing long johns for the first time since spring.    

Ravenna>Golden Gardens>Locks>Myrtle Edwards>Pioneer Square>Leschi>Arboretum. The whole ride took somewhere around 36 miles or so, but the bike computer was reset during a stop and a search for my lock in the handlebars, so can't be sure.  Mileage has dropped off significantly since September.

And, for the first time all year, I almost laid it down on the pavement.  The Olympic Sculpture Park crew was pressure-washing the trail and the pavement was wet.  I got hung up by the hose, skidded left and then right, but kept the rubber side down at all times!

My regular end of ride route up 39th is now the 39th Avenue NE Greenway, complete with signage, sharrows, islands in the arterials, and still the most pleasant way up the hill.

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