Saturday, September 14, 2013

Training for the Challenge. A flat????

31 miles down to Leschi, through the I-90 Bike Tunnel to Zeitgeist, to do some training for the coffeeneuring challenge next month.  Then, out to the Locks to cross the ship canal, and then up 32nd NW to the new Ballard Neighborhood Greenway along NW 58th to check out the latest addition to the Seattle Bike Infrastructure.  I like these designated low traffic routes through neighborhoods as an alternative to the higher traffic arterials.

But, on the last block before I turned south on 8th to meet back up with the BGT, I picked up a big ol' industrial-sized staple, and got my first flat of the year!  After 2K miles. Almost amusing.

On a separate note, I dropped the local gym membership.  Wasn't using it, and didn't like it when I did. 5 TVs, grumpy people, broken equipment, smelly sauna, blah, blah, blah.   If I want to work out, and I will, I'll do so at TLF during the week, and use the other gym time for walking with the Brown Dog.  Fresh air.

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