Monday, January 6, 2014

Fast start

Off to a good start in 2014, with three rides, all with dry and cold weather, totaling 113 miles in less than a week.  Plenty of good views, a few hills, and a bit of coffeeneuring going on.  On Sunday, work up too late to get to the Chew #1 ride, which ended up canceled due to icy conditions.   I waited until about 11 and headed down Leschi, through the Bike Tunnel and down toward Boeing Field.  The northbound return was into a chilly headwind, and used the stop at Alki Starbucks to fill a prepaid tumbler, eat a cream cheese brownie, and get out of the breeze that was kicking up white caps on the Sound.    I counseled a new rider at the Myrtle Edwards fishing pier about the Elliot Bay Trail, and ended up learning a little too much about her, coming off an undescribed several tough years, relocating from Bainbridge to the Big City, raising a son (probably alone.)   Amazing how some will open up to complete strangers!  Maybe not so strange, on a bike, looking harmless, smiling and offering tips on how to get to the Burke Gilman trail, where to get a map, etc.  But still.    Anyway, a good start to the year.  

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