Sunday, March 2, 2014

On Writing & Riding: The Full List | chasing mailboxes d.c.

On Writing & Riding: The Full List | chasing mailboxes d.c.:

Maybe I should be writing more about my riding so I can understand why I do what I do, where I've gone, what I've seen, why I use the 'I' pronoun so extensively?

Since the return from the East Coast, there was the CTS Orientation, where I felt like one of the oldest in the room.  The presentation seemed to focus on rules, requirements, tips on how to survive, and needed an emphasis on the notion that biking was fun.  

And, there was the preride of GR2R #4, in warm, sunny, 55 degree, shorts and fingerless gloves.  Seattle spring, fleeting, almost teasing, as it was followed by the real deal the next day, 42, drizzly, chilly.   But I led, enjoyed the leisurely pace and those who choose to ride slowly.

Signed up to ride CTS after the GR2R series winds up at the end of the month, and the goals, as always, are to ride more and to enjoy the ride more.

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