Thursday, July 3, 2014

Something to think about from Iron Rider

The Iron Rider talks about what goes through his head on those long distance rides.

Lots of things go through our heads.  Claire wrote about some of them.   Bicycling can be lonely or a time for contemplation, sometime an opportunity for ruminating, and best of all, and especially when climbing or descending, a time to wash that all away and focus on the bike and the road.

1,342 miles YTD.   After the month long layoff and the bonk on CTS #9,  I've readjusted, rebuilt the mileage base with CTS #10 (196th and Black Diamond), #11 (Kent-Enumclaw route) and #12, and am feeling pretty good about where I'm at with the bike, my legs and ability to ride the longer distances.  The Ride Leader experience has been both fun and satisfying, as well as frustrating and work, like being in the classroom is work.  Last week on the Flaming Geyser Century out-and-back route, with the rain squalls, wind, and cranky riders, the satisfaction waned.  Riding in front, watching the route, keeping to the pace, and keeping on eye on the other riders, being a model and example, answering questions from the newbies, building their confidence, coaching and mentoring, all that can be gratifying, but can also detract from the benefit of washing out the mind and getting to the cycling zen that is one of the reasons I keep coming back to the bike.  After the series ends, I'll need to reflect on what worked and what didn't.  For one thing, I know that the bike worked!

Tomorrow is the last one in the series, a Lake Washington loop, and then STP for those 10,000 who choose to do so.  Not me this year, and that's just fine.   I'm planning on the CTS Rides Again first ride, and we'll put a big 'we'll see' on the rest of them.

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