Sunday, October 26, 2014

Coffeeneuring #3

After a start under threatening skies, I got a phone call from my brother and stopped to chat.  As those autumn Seattle skies opened up and the squall commenced, I moved under a tree to continue the conversation and stay dry.  After wrapping up business with Sam, the prudent thing to do was to cross the Ravenna Park Bridge and head down the hill to Zoka for a latte and a Zoka Bar.  

The plan was to wait out the showers.  But, back on the bike, it became obvious that I wasn't dressed for the weather.  With the cold/cough/upper respiratory phlegm yuckness that's been present for the past couple of weeks, I turned back, headed up the hill toward the warmth of home.  On the way, I snapped this photo of a casualty from last night's wind storm.

Fall in the Great Northwest is time for rain gear and long-fingered gloves.  8.7 miles today, but let's live to ride another day and be better prepared.

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