Saturday, August 4, 2007

Back into the grind

A couple of rides this week get back into the groove after STP. Both just around Seattle. Did the Magnolia to Locks loop on Monday, another beautiful summer day here. Snapped a couple of photos while waiting at the Fremont Bridge, the first of the ship canal looking west toward Ballard, and the second of the neon on the bridgetenders' tower.

The Friday ride, on Max's birthday was the 30 miler down over Montlake, down Lake Wa Blvd, to the I-90 tunnel. At the top, saw the log boom set up for Seafair, and was there in time to see a bi-plane performing aerial stunts. Something of a sight, but I pushed on into downtown, past the stadium (Redsox vs. M's that night) through the crowds of Friday p.m. on Alaskan Way, and then out to the locks, where lots and lots of the king salmon were doing the fish ladder thing...

Maybe it was giving blood the day before, or maybe it was the end of a long week, but I was bonking at the end up the hill to VR.

Yes, a long week, and a long two months, actually. I wrapped up the two Seattle U MBA classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Great classes both, with lots of high energy students, adults with professional jobs, careers, not afraid of college, work and many with high confidence, some with a little too much. I want to come back next summer and work the classes again, but they are a challenge because of the students (gotta be on my game!) and the time. One more week to go there, and that's just finals.

EdCC motors along. Summers are great, and I hope that I can do the same schedule there next year, with 1 in the classroom and then 3 online. Don't want to lose the classroom contact, but the three onlines are much easier than an extra 6 hours in the classroom during the week that one more F2F would demand.

The HMCO workshop in Jackson is looming on August 20. Have yet to talk to the local rep and am spending too much time fretting about the presentation. Will develop the agenda and email it to MMiller, Jackson State prof and rep this week for their review, and then will put this away for a bit while grading finals and the curriculum development project comes on stream.

Max is 16 now, and seems to be maturing. He's a happy kid by and large, fun to be with, easy going, and totally absorbed with music. No doubt, the challenges of high school life are looming in front of him, but I think that he should weather them with no more than the usual choppy waters.

OK, back at it.....

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