Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mariners' Choke

Well, for a while it seemed like this is "next year." Maybe even 1995!

It seems to happen every year. Some years it happens earlier than others. This year, it's later. Pennant fever this year. In contention. Leading in the wild card race over the hated Yankees. And, we get sucked in. It could happen!

So, I ride down to buy tickets for the first game vs. the AL West division leading Angels. Almost a sell-out, and the tickets I get are three rows from the top in the right field corner. Max and I go to Uwajamiya for snacks, and hike up to the third deck. Ten minutes into the game, M's manager McLaren is thrown out for arguing a third strike call against Ichiro. Garret Anderson hits a homer, and then a bases-loaded double. Angels manager Mike Scioscia calls for a squeeze play. The batter lays down a perfect squeeze bunt, another run scores, and the rout is on.

Ultimately, we get swept, now tied for the Yankees for the wild card, and have to go on the road for ten days, including another make-up game in Cleveland, a result of the snow in April.

So, once again, our hopes are crushed, "over, and over, and over and over and over....."

Art Thiel's take on the annual tight collar festival is here.

At least, the view of the sunset from our seats was great....

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GVB said...

I wonder when I'll get my refund for the post season? Hmmm. They sure managed to get my money quickly when the team was playing well. How much interest did they make on those deposits between being 1 game out and being 5.5 games out?