Saturday, October 27, 2007

First Frost and Harvest Moon

October 26 - First frost of the year, first scraping of ice from windshield in the morning. Took the Brown Dog to Magnuson before sunrise and watch the mist rise from the lake as well as the sun come up and throw light on the Tailfins, as well as bounce off the setting full moon.

A spectacular fall afternoon reminded me of many years ago, and the Santa Ana winds in Newport, with south swells, offshore breezes, and afternoons riding sidewaves through the Wedge peaks. Nostalgia time, especially as I'm trying out the bike after Coach Tammy's adjustments. Extensions on the pedals and shims on the shoes (to even out the pedal strokes and maybe counter some bow-leggedness!) all seem to make incremental improvements.

The view of Mt. Rainier from the Magnolia Bluff on these clear fall days (with enough strong NW winds to blow the smog away!) is something else. But, in late October, as you round the bend and head north on the east side of the hill, on the way up to the Locks, the shadows are long and once out of the sunshine, it's cold, especially into that wind with origins in the North Pacific. Brrrrr. Crossed the locks and headed east on the BGT.

Once in Fremont, the trail drops down alongside the Ship Canal, and the alder trees are bright golden. With a tailwind, it's not so cold. But after 5:00 p.m., I'm in the evening commute with lots of traffic. Still the bike feels better than before and my legs are less tired.

And, when I get home, it's time for the full moon to rise about the Cascades. Quite a nice view as well as a cosmic full circle experience for the day.

More pictures from the day!

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