Sunday, October 28, 2007

West Seattle Loop

48 miles on the West Seattle Loop today, basically the Spawning Cycle ride without the Seward Park extension. 2695 miles YTD. Yep, the bike fit adjustments have helped, as has the fine fall weather, cool this a.m., but no wind to speak of and a bit of fog.

On the way back through Pioneer Square, I was looking to fill a water bottle, and searched in vain for a fountain near Safeco Field and Qwest Field. Millions of dollars for public sports stadiums, but no free water! Instead I stopped at the Klondike Gold Rush National Park in a little store front on 2nd Ave S. The smallest National Park in the system, or so I've heard, and a little gem! With a water fountain!

Two things on the return that caught my eye....first this classic Cadillac Fleetwood, with an Ichiro license plate, parked in the Montlake neighborhood, and across the street from a new Caddy with an 11Edgar plate....

On a more serious note, when crossing the Montlake Bridge, I came across a cyclist down in the middle of the bridge. According to another cyclist, the rider fell on the bridge deck, hit his head, and split his helmet in two. Apparently, the rider was conscious and was talking, but the scene was grim, with a fire engine and medics on the scene and traffic backed up in all directions.

Frankly, it's insane to try to ride on the slippery metal mesh bridge deck under any conditions, and this was just more evidence.

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