Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Orting to Eatonville and Back

TWBC's Daffodil Classic was last Sunday, a day after the record-setting temps and the real first day of Spring for 2008. 60 + miles, much of it uphill it seemed, and over rural, chipseal roads that shook the fillings loose from your teeth.

More comments about the ride are here. And, here are my pix.

The jury is still out on this one. I enjoyed the ride, but it's a schlep from VR to get down to Orting in time to ride, would have much preferred to ride without thinking that the rain was going to start at anytime, and while some of the scenery was wonderful, there sure is a lot of trash by the side of the road. Rural western Washington can be an ugly amalgam of farm land, new developments (what's up with the gated communities from reconstructed clear cuts and former pastures?) chained dogs, horses, sheep, goats and llamas, trees and clear cuts, scenic streams and lakes, all the while with big ol' Mt. Rainier in the background.

Next Sunday is the Marymoor-Snohomish loop on the CTS. 55 miles and, if the memory serves me well, another good rural ride.

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