Sunday, April 6, 2008

More CTS

This week's CTS ride was the Eastside Urban Loop, circumnavigating Bellevue, keeping on the right as we left from Marymoor Park, climbed Newport Hill, and then dropped down via the I-90 trail to Enetai Park, underneath the bridge for the first rest stop.I was sucking wind as we climbed the hill, with chain slipping, falling behind, but caught up eventually.  Same thing happened through Clyde Hill and Yarrow Bay, and it didn't help to miss a couple of the turns that only increased the separation from the rest of the green group.  Maybe I'm a yellow (12-14 mph), the group for the next ride, two weeks from now, Marymoor-Snohomish.  Or, maybe fewer noodles, dumplings and less orange chicken from the Shanghai Garden the night before will result in less ballast.

Ended up at 41.5 miles for the day, 454 YTD.   Next week is the Tacoma Wheelmen's Daffodil Classic.  The group did a great job with the Headwaters Century last fall, and I'll wait to choose between the 4o mile Buckley Loop, and the 60 mile Eatonville circuit, which looks like more of a challenge from both a distance and elevation perspective.

After getting home (lunch, sauna, shower, stretch), took the Lemond over to Gregg's to see about the chain slipping.  Wade took care of an adjustment on a busy Saturday afternoon while I strolled over to Peet's for a coffee.   Great service!

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