Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday in the Park

Wonderful to hear so many different languages in NYC. Truly an international city, maybe more so now because the dollar is much cheaper now. In the hotel, lots of French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian) along with the great New York accents (cawfee, poipus….) In the elevator, I say Welcome to the German couple (Deutch? Ya, German…) and they are so pleased that an American is friendly. I offer to take picture of a family while touring MOMA (the 5th floor pre-1940 collection documents Western Civilization’s descent into madness, the victory of the machines in the Industrial Revolution, all the while the French enjoy the finer things in life….) from Argentina….again, so pleased that Americans are friendly…

MOMA 4th floor (post-Modern) not so much for me, but then the 3rd floor design stuff is way cool (Airstream trailer!).

Sunday in the Park with George ----- What we leave from this life, this blank canvas that we face, kids and art…so fitting with the weekend, with our kid doing art, the best American art form, jazz.

And, what did Gerald Early say were the three contributions of America to civilization? The Constitution, Jazz and Baseball. So, Sunday, after getting the award winning, national champion RHS Jazz Band on the bus for their return to Seattle, I strolled up to Central Park to the baseball fields and watched New Yorkers playing in their weekend softball leagues. Great venue, enthusiastic competition, beautiful backdrops, and so appropriate. I stroll back to the park entrance, C calls from Denver, “RHS won!” Finish the call, and then the nerf football from a crowd of kids comes in, over their head, and I make the catch. They are duly impressed!

And, one more international encounter on the way to lunch. A young Asian woman asks for directions in broken English to Park Avenue. A quick map orientation, interpretation and clarification. Thanks and then, “Where are you from?” Tibet. A deep welcome, enjoy your stay and lots of smiles from the young woman, her parents and family.

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Robin said...

Congrats to the RHS Band. What an accomplishment.

And Congrats to you too, what a cultural ambassador you were. Imagine that, Americans are friendly. ;-)

I love Central Park. Great place to be. Where did you all stay?