Friday, October 17, 2008


Got to the 'Businessman's Hotel' on the outskirts of Cincinnati last night. This place is out in the burbs, surrounded by strip malls, chain restaurants (shuttle driver, 'There's a Cracker Barrel, a Waffle House.....') and big box stores. Generica.

After a fast food burrito, I settled in for email and online teaching, plus to watch the ALCS. The Rays (what kind of a baseball team is that?) had a 5-0 lead, and then stretched it to 7-0. Called home, talked to C and M, who commiserated with me about the game. Conversation drifted to what he had to accomplish for school the next day.

Then Pedroia's single. Then Big Papi's homer. Then Drew's blast. I called back and ordered Max from the basement to do something important, like watch the Comeback. As Ron writes, Posnanski's account is terrific.

Other fantastic finishes
include from Dodgers '59, 'Big bouncer, over the mound, over second base. Up with it, Mantilla. Throws low and wild! Hodges scores! We go to Chicago!'

In October 1988, C and I arranged a date at a fine local Italian restaurant in honor of our anniversary. While waiting at the tavern across the street, the A's were mowing down the hopelessly overmatched Dodgers in Game One of the World Series. A fine meal, including antipasti, insalate miste, pasta, pane, no doubt dessert, and vino. (I could do that then, with the best of 'em.) Got back in the car, and "I don't believe what I just saw!"

I still have the VHS tape of the game and Gibson's homerun.

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