Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kitsap Color Classic

The KCC starts at the Edmonds Ferry Dock with the voyage across the Sound to Kingston (WA, not Jamaica). This year, I rode from the Little House on VR down to the start, most of which is my normal commute route with a side trip down 104 and along Roslynn Sumners Way into downtown (such as it is) Edmonds.

We took the route to Poulsbo which passes through Port Gamble, past the Hood Canal Bridge, and through rural Kitsap.

The first and only food stop (bagels, pb & j, assorted fruit, munchies and fresh water) was located about 20 miles out at Liberty Bay Park on King Harald V St. in Poulsbo. After the first true October storm on Saturday, the sun and dry pavement were welcome.

Lots of animals on this trip, including dogs resting in the street, horses, cows, goats, llamas, as well as these guys on the road back into Kingston.

The bike computer didn't function on the first leg of the trip, but a quick adjustment at the Edmonds Ferry Dock got it working, and I logged 36 miles from start to finish. Considering that the route to the Learning Factory is about 13.5, 14 miles from VR to the Dock is reasonable, so we'll call it 50 miles today, and crossing 1240 miles YTD on the Bleriot. The weather made the new fenders not important, but no rubbing on the tires, no chattering and no notice of the additional weight meant that they weren't noticed, either. I'll be riding in the rain soon enough.

More photos here.

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