Sunday, February 15, 2009

February, so far....

Wanted to get a long ride in over the weekend, before traveling for several weeks in a row to points south and east. Started in the sunshine up the BGT to Kenmore, over the top of the lake and down the eastside toward Juanita, where these snow geese were resting on a log boom. After a Ladro stop, continued through Bellevue, across I-90 to Mercer Island, and took a left at the Mercer Island JCC to do the MI Loop. When I made the turn from E. Mercer Way to W. Mercer Way, the cold north wind hit my face and my lack of training became apparent. It was a schlep the rest of the way home. 47 miles, chilled, tired, tight hamstrings. Being sick with cold/flu for about a week and still taking the antibiotics, just not ready for it, but am ready for some warm weather.

I should get that in San Diego next weekend, and maybe even in San Juan in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, more trips to the gym, more stretching, and maybe even some regular sleep will have to suffice.

When I first started out up the BGT, I noticed this plaque by the poisoned trees that I wrote about last August. Now there's a permanent market, courtesy of Seattle Parks and Recreation, to acknowledge the crime.

Been listening to a lot of Theme Time Radio, hosted by Bob Dylan. Great mix of tunes, plus Bob's banter, emails and phone calls. "Here's an email from Johnny Depp in Paris, France. Johnny wants to know, who is the father of modern communism?" Hijinks ensue. I think that Jim D would have enjoyed the show. He was writing a book on Dylan when he passed away two years ago, and no doubt would have collected them all.

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