Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Ride Report

Time for the January ride report. Finished the first month of the year with a total of 187 miles, many of which were from the last two days. As the weather warms and we get more sunlight, I need to pile on the mileage to be ready for the cycling season. So far, so good with the Livestrong fundraising, with almost $1,200 raised, the latest flurry the result of Susan's emails to Tony's friends in LA. Now that I've made the pledge, it's time to make sure that I'm in shape for the ride.

Saturday turned out to be a harbinger of spring, warm, sunny, not windy, boats on the sound with spinnakers in the south breeze. Highlights included crossing the locks while the Coastal Navigator was entering, crossing the salt water barrier.

Coffee at Zeitgeist was marked my indecision over treats and espresso (Do I regret my decision now, or later was the question posed to the barista.) and then Chinese New Year as the Dragon blessed the headquarters of some fraternal organization with the booms of firecrackers.

Other noteworthy events from January include getting in touch with Speedo and Greg from NHHS after almost 40 years. Both seem well, and it was great to reconnect through the magic of the internet.

Sad to learn of the closing of the Iron Horse Trail tunnels, including the Snoqualmie Tunnel, for repairs. One of my best rides of the summer was the warm September day that I passed up the Headwaters Century to climb to the pass. Maybe the funds for the upgrades will be included in one of the versions of the stimulus packages to help the economy. For the matter, maybe the Civilian Conservation Corps will be revived, and needed investment in national parks, forests, trails and campsites will be made, creating jobs, making the outdoors more accessible and easy to enjoy, providing healthy opportunities, and making this a better world for all!

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