Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bike Expo and More

Finally retrieved the Bleriot from EBB after its annual check up and a reconfiguration. I dumped the STI shifters as they had problems going to the big cog at times, and substituted some good old-fashioned bar end jobs, which work just fine, although this user still is clunky with them.

Visited the CBC annual Bike Expo, gathered way too much swag and fliers for rides and adventures, ate my first festival food of the new year, then headed out onto the BGT into a headwind, rain and 40 degree temps. Made it to Interbay and as a came around the corner under the Ballard Bridge, the south wind picked up, the cold hard rain came in sideways, and I decided to beat it back home, via Stone Way, Peet's Coffee at Green Lake, and then Ravenna Blvd.

24 miles, but good to be back in the saddle after three weeks and several out-of-town trips. Even though I've been consistent on the gym bike, there's no substitute for saddle time. And, I'm going to need lots of saddle time to get ready for Livestrong.


PuddleThumper said...

I had my first bike commute in more than a month on Friday. There is no substitute for outside riding and I'm looking forward to doing more if the weather ever cooperates a teeny little bit more.

whatisawridingmybikearoundtoday said...

May I just say that your Bleriot is beautiful? *swoon*