Monday, March 23, 2009

March in Seattle

A post BBD&A Sunday ride, amidst the drizzle and wind, was a great way to clear the cobwebs and release the tension from a successful, big event. Headed out on the BGT, and rode 37 miles through Ballard, around the Magnolia Loop and down into Pioneer Square, before returning. The ride south was into the prevaling wind, while the return, after lunch at Noodle Zen and purchasing dinner at Uwajimaya, the best market on the planet, was helped by the strong tailwind. Got home just before the rain stopped being sporadic.

Coming up Ballard Avenue, I ran into my first public market of the new year. Lots of organic produce, seafood such as oysters and salmon, fresh cut flowers, and of course, street treats like pizza, falafel, and other goodies were for sale.

After a Zeitgeist stop, I coasted over to Qwest Field, all decked out for the Sounders who earned a victory in their first MLS match, versus the New York Red Bulls, not to be confused with the Firebulls of LVR infamy.

Look who is back in town! Spring can't be far away, but, as is typical here, the long damp continues and will turn into warmth sometime, hopefully soon. 350 miles, or so, YTD.

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