Sunday, October 18, 2009

October North End Loop

Neighbor Rob sent out the call for a Sunday ride, and I responded, inviting CAL along for the spin.

North on the BGT and up Brookside and Perkins to upper Shoreline, down to 155th and over to Greenwood, Sunset Hill and back on the BGT. Damp leaves, drizzle, wet pavement, ah, back in the real Pacific NW after a couple of weeks away from the bike or so it seemed.

Rob got a flat on of his 23 cm tires (another reason to appreciate the fatty Schwalbe marathons) just north of Gas Works. We stopped so he could fumble with his patch kit as the piece of glass punctured both sides of his tube, resulting in the need for two patches. I snapped photos while waiting. Most of the subjects were friendly, offering help, waving, saying hello. But one, this one, was riding hands free on her fixie while yakking on the phone. Just after a snapped the picture, she flipped me the bird, scowled, rolled on, and continued with her cell phone conversation. I guess you don't have to drive an SUV to be a jerk.

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