Friday, October 30, 2009

Why a duck?

Twenty file miles or so on a windy Friday p.m., over Interlaken, through Downtown and to the Pike Place Market. Headwinds are fine if you know the route to avoid them!

The Seattle Waterfront is both a popular destination as well as frequent route on my rides. Looking south from Steinbruck Park at the Pike Place Market, you can see the elevated highway, as well as the sports stadiums. But the Alaskan Way Viaduct needs replacement and is due to collapse during a major earthquake, for which the region is well overdue. The consequences of a big shaker would be dramatic, at least according to this video.

D0 we take unnecessary risks when we ride on the trail next to the 'sure-to-collapse sometime' Viaduct? Will we be able to dodge the chaos?

And, according to the video at 1:50, (this one with a sound track!), the Frankfurter will tumble into the sea! Oh, the humanity!

Returned via the Locks and then crossed Ballard, over Phinney Ridge to Green Lake and Ravenna.

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