Saturday, November 14, 2009

November Loop

Rain, wind, and hail in the convergence zone on Friday, plus similar weather on Sunday meant I needed to grab my ride on Saturday a.m. if a ride was going to be grabbed at all this weekend. Pedaled 30 miles on a clockwise loop down to Leschi, through the I-90 tunnel, Pioneer Square and the Stadiums, for another break at Zeitgeist. I've actually stopped there enough to fill the coffee card!

The I-90 tunnel seemed unusually yellow and bright this a.m., uncrowded without the weekday commuters and weekend recreation cyclists. I noticed how much more pleasant the trails seem now that the weather has driven many of the riders inside, out of the wet, cold and dark.

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Unusual placement for a Greenway Trail sign, but it looks like the Mountains-to-Sound trail ends along the first base side of Safeco Field, along Edgar Martinez Drive.

No hassle crossing at the Locks, and then snapped this photo of the Fremont and Aurora Bridges along the BGT, noting that the leaves are almost gone from the alder trees. We're about 5 weeks from the Winter Solstice, and I'm looking forward already to sunnier, warmer days.

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