Friday, January 29, 2010

Dueling GPS Systems

30 mile loop to Golden Gardens, Locks and Magnolia Loop this afternoon, in what continues to be an unseasonably warm and spring-like January.

So, which is the better GPS system, the Garmin 305 that sits on the handlebar, or My Tracks, the Google Ap on my new Droid phone?

The Garmin has the cool player feature, showed an elevation gain of 1553 ft, some calorie statistic, and the time. I can export it to Google Earth with a converter, and can also keep track of all my rides, mileage, time, etc.

My Tracks has the advantage of being able to send to Google Earth with no converter software, and adds more Google Maps detail, including photos, videos, Wikipedia References, Transit and many other useful (or useless) facts that adds to the dork quotient. My Tracks shows an elevation gain of 3,454 ft, and I don't know why this is different from the Garmin Stat. But, there's more detail here.

I'll continue to use both, and then select the data I like better.

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