Sunday, January 17, 2010


Rode up the BGT to Sheridan Beach to check out the damage and destruction wrought by Mother Nature (or property owners with inadequate drainage systems) at about 145th and the BGT, where a landslide blocked the trail. Riding north, the whole hillside to the west of the well-traveled trail seemed saturated, with numerous little slides noticeable since last week's spin.
Took some photos, and turned around, heading out to Ballard to see more effects of the daily rain that we've experienced since New Year's.

On the return, along Shilshole, I stopped to snap a few photos of the Ballard Terminal Railroad locomotive, the Lil' Beaver.

The engineer remarked that they had come out to the Salmon Bay Cafe for a cup of coffee. I smiled, waved, and headed on, wondering if this was another one of the reasons that the BGT Missing Link was being delayed, along with the lawsuit from Ballard Business Owners.

Cumulative mileage in first two weeks of January is up to 150 miles, remarkable given the lousy wet weather this winter and no commute rides. But 2010 is off to a productive start.

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