Thursday, July 12, 2012

Am I ready?

Am I ready for this?  Last time was five years ago? Did the RSVP twice since then, but no long ride last year or the year before.  I've ridden many of the Cascade Training Series rides this spring, with the longest being 82 miles (Magnuson to Sultan and back), rode a long one most weekends, rode, rested, rode, rested, rode.

The bike feels good, but the legs, the knees especially, give me some concern.   I'm carrying too much ballast around the middle, and on the way to the Learning Factory this week there was serious phlegm draining and hacking.   Endurance was good on the last two around the lake, and the warm weather has helped.  

As Leo said, it's not going to be easier next year.    Recovery from the previous days' exercise takes longer, and sleep is important.  Remember to stretch, to hydrate, to eat.

Make sure to pack:

Change of bike clothes.

Change of regular clothes.

Toothbrush, paste, floss, aspirin, vitamins, etc.

Camera, phone, charger, book for ride back.



What else?

Glad that I committed to doing this back in January, and glad that I'm following through.   For now, anticipation, packet pick up tomorrow, good dinner, and then, we're off!

6:00 a.m. start.  

Three weeks ago, I started this post....

'Am I ready?

830 miles on odometer since last reset.   Weekly longish rides, gym every other day, fitful sleep and  focus plus wear and tear and always being on are taking a toll.   Tired but want to do STP and RSVP both this year.   Not going to be easier next!   The CTS rides have helped, given me the incentive to ride, meet new folks, and see new routes.  But, I'm glad I didn't do yestersday's mess in the rain.

Off on jaunt through Leschi, over I-90 bridge and out to Issaquah via May Valley Rd, a route I learned on the Livestrong ride back in 2009.  Stopped at XXX Root Beer for lunch (a bit much and not the best choice, but tasted so good!), then headed up E. Lake Sammamish to Marymoor.  That's where I shed the rest of the layers, and pointed north on the SRT.   It being Sunday, there was an abundance of traffic, some obnoxious 'on-your-lefts,'  plus a Mom with her daughters riding  three abreast.    Safety first!'

Since then the odometer is at 1150.

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