Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wuz we robbed? Or what did we expect?

The saddest part of yesterday was that  he never talked to his kids, they didn't. Look. At him.  He didn't enter. The room.  He wasn't  acknowledged .  

And then there's the we wuz robbed speech and all the Calvinist BS 

Like Bob Kane's response to, "Here's a movie that I liked!"  "Is it disturbing?"  He asked with a smile on his face.  Disturbing is a lot more interesting than pleasant, trite, contrived, life is good, and perfect. 

They must have been the perfect couple.  Good looking, well-educated, future promise of professional greatness, right values, social justice, going to do good in the world.   Moving to the most livable city in the country, he to grad school, she to SEC hot shot attorney doing right and going after the bad guys, always the adversary, fighting for truth, justice and the American Way with a sense of righteous indignation and go for the throat tactics that only a female attorney with a sharp tongue, caustic wit, arresting good looks and charming smile, covering an attack dog style could have.

And, it must have gone wrong over a period of time.  No doubt professional competition in a married couple, long hours, high expectations, little time for a family, three kids, the second, Zach's age, probably with a learning disability.   Subtle dissatisfaction, bubbling into boredom, is this all there is?  And, then, the mistakes, the bad choices, the deceit, the discovery, the dissolving, the anger, distrust, the hurt and stumble forward, public success, private failure, like Daddy Bob would often deride.  

Been three months since then, but it's still disturbing.

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