Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coffeeneuring Extra Credit

Colder, windier, darker as we progress toward the winter equinox, but still, plenty enough time to get in one more coffeeneuring adventure this fall.    Headed into the South Wind toward Pioneer Square and Zeitgeist.   The Second Avenue canyon produced a whirlwind, side wind, interesting traffic on a Seahawk Sunday, but despite all of that, I managed to get to the place where the coffeeneuring started for me this year.

After a pick-me-up and with the tailwind at my back, I flew up Alaska Way, through Myrtle Edwards Park and then stopped to snap a photo of an angry Elliott Bay.

Crossed the Ship Canal at the Locks, and back via BGT.  28 miles, and about 2,500 YTD.  This is a route I've done countless times, but always a favorite with the water views, the ramble through Interlaken, Pioneer Square, a couple of bridges, and getting the essence of Seattle on a bike.

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